Our History

Founded in 2011, Sensorfield was started by Strode Pennebaker, a third-generation engineer and fourth-generation oilman. Headquartered in Houston, Sensorfield provides advanced remote industrial monitoring solutions for situations that previously couldn’t justify the cost. The company’s novel, solar powered wireless sensor platform was designed from the ground up* to provide high quality real-time data using competitively inexpensive devices that are self-installed.
*Utility and design patents issued and pending.

Why did we do it?

Because we wanted a simple, practical system to keep up with wells we've operated ourselves. Something we could install and maintain with minimum bother.

We started with a basic goal: create a sensor the size of a refrigerator magnet, stick it onto a tank or pipe or anything else, and watch data show up on a mobile device or PC. This was a radical idea at the time — now it’s called the Internet of Things. And we were the first to bring it to the oil patch.

How did we do it?

We started from scratch to custom-design and manufacture everything. We had our first system working in less than three months. But it took four more years to perfect the size, ruggedness and quality. Along the way we discovered a groundbreaking new RF technology from Semtech™ called LoRa® and became the first company to write fully optimized software for it. We created new sensor designs and found novel ways to embed high-resolution microsensors into rugged oilfield equipment. Then we optimized everything to run on micropower from tiny solar panels less than 1-½ inches across.

Our Team

Strode Pennebaker



Stephen Crowe


Technology Manager

Emmanuel Fiscal


Manufacturing Engineer