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Oilfield Monitoring

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Size changes everything

The future of remote oilfield monitoring fits in your hand and in your budget.

Leapfrog the era of big iron boxes, wired sensors and radios. Sensorfield is the simple, economical and reliable system you've been waiting for

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Sensorfield's sensors are so small they fit in your hand

Simple Oilfield Monitoring. It just makes sense.

Remote monitoring finally fits your budget.

We apply advances in affordable sensor, wireless, solar and smartphone technology to fit the budget of almost every size of operator.

Self-install our sensors in minutes. Really

Take them to the field and turn them on. They know where they are, how to communicate with each other and who they belong to. You have nothing else to do.

Not just for tanks

Monitor everything from tank levels to real-time pressures and flow rates, rod pump and compressor health, location security, HSE issues and much more.

Size matters

Sensors, gateways and hubs fit in your hand and weigh just ounces. Small size means convenience, lower costs, less maintenance and easier, safer installations.

Drive less. Get more done

Use the app on your smartphone or PC to identify potential issues in your field. With high-resolution data every 15 minutes, you know exactly where to focus.

Yes, it’s reliable

We pack advanced technology in small, sturdy enclosures to eliminate the chance of breaking. If a sensor, gateway or hub stops working, we’ll send by overnight delivery a free replacement.

Real-time data. Everywhere you need it.

High-resolution data. Intelligent alarms. Simple dashboard. Displays automatically optimized for your desktop, tablet or phone

Our remote monitoring system gives you the capabilities of large, expensive, wired systems for a fraction of the cost. You always know the health of your field, so you can set your priorities, reduce downtime and operate more efficiently.

Oilfield with network of sensors

Simplify your operations. Improve your bottom line.

Sensorfield is the oilfield's smartest, most economical solution for remote monitoring. Equip an entire field for little more than our competitor's installation fees alone. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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