Sensorfield changes everything.

Introducing the industry's first and only system that can monitor everything in the oilfield. All custom-designed for the oil patch from the ground floor. And groundbreakingly small and simple.

Sensorfield oilfield product line


Simply place a wirelesss sensor on a tank, beam pump, compressor or other equipment you want to monitor. Super strong magnets will hold it in place. Push a button, and the sensor connects to your secure website and begins monitoring.


The gateway connects your sensors to the cloud and each other. Your tiny wireless gateway can connect to an unlimited number of sensors within its range, up to 1/2 mile in crowded areas, much more in open areas.


Hubs boost the wireless signal and connect multiple gateways, sensors and other hubs. They increase the range by miles. Big field, no problem.

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    • All systems

      • Embedded touch, tilt and vibration sensors
      • Ultra-low-power microprocessors with extra memory for long term storage
      • Embedded ultra-long-range ISM band RF transceiver modules with full international capability
      • Custom-designed high-efficiency solar panels
      • Internal high-strength rare earth magnets for durable bonding to most oilfield surfaces
      • Unique high power LED indicator lights
      • High-capacity custom manufactured rechargeable batteries with full fault protection circuitry
      • High-durability polycarbonate NEMA 4 rated enclosures
    • Sensors

      • Custom embedded magnetic, pressure, temperature and acoustic sensors
      • Optional universal connector to receive input from a full range of external sensors
      • Custom high-gain, low-noise sensor signal amplifier capable of 1 ppm resolution
      • Class I Div I and Div II certifications
    • Gateways

      • Interchangeable worldwide CDMA and GSM cellular modules
      • Embedded GPS modules with GLONASS
      • Custom high-gain internal cellular antennas (external optional)
      • Optional Iridium satellite modem for full worldwide capability
      • Class I Div II certification

Smart sensors. Dozens of applications.

This is just a sample of what we offer. Our sensors give you the data needed to prioritize,
economize and optimize.

  • Tank Level

    Tank Level

    Razor-sharp tank level data: resolution down to 0.01 inch. Log on and see well production in real time by watching a tank level move – even with a 1 BOPD well.

  • Beam Pump Monitor

    Beam Pump Monitor

    We have several types of beam pump monitors that give you real time status of pumping conditions. Tiny enclosures attach magnetically to any moving part of the pumping unit – beam, counterweight, pitman arm*. Turn one on and you’re online.

    * Patents pending

  • Pressure Data

    Pressure Data

    High resolution pressure sensors, custom designed and manufactured, calibrated with digital reference gauges. Good enough for PBU.

  • Flow Rates

    Flow Rates

    Our custom designed and manufactured flowmeters will stun you with their accuracy, wide range and low cost. Now you can get real time flow rate and daily totals from a single unit that costs less than you would pay for a simple flow totalizer.


Don't Just Be Aware. Be Smart.

Sensorfield High-end
Monitoring Company
Monitoring Company
Artificial Lift Company
Field Systems
High-resolution tank level monitor
Rod pump monitoring
Compressor monitoring and alarms
Real-time flowmeter telemetry
Wellsite H2S monitoring
Installation and maintenance
Simple, self-installable equipment
Automatically connect and configure
Flexible field upgrades and expansion
Tampering and theft alarms for all devices
Overnight delivery of new and replacement equipment
Delivery to Internet
Satellite - US and worldwide
Data options
Cell-phone alarms
Smartphone and tablet software
Advanced mapping visualization
Advanced customizable displays
Customizable sensor configuration